Ace Cafe Reunion – Brighton

So today Ian, Ming and myself decided to go see what the Ace Cafe reunion was all about in Brighton. I got up early and got some bits for my bike and rode over to HQ aka Ians garage. I had to make sure some wires wouldn’t disconnect when i was riding and tidy up wires that were flapping about my battery from having some new parts fitted in the week. When i finally finished doing the lil bits with lots of help from Ian we set off….

Ian’s Shovel Head

Ming’s Sportster Chop


Skull fetish

nice trumps

Diners every day….

The Merciless

Then Ming came off and scratched his bike and damaged his saddle bags and top box and he was very unhappy, his beard is now permantley pointing to the left of his face because of the accident…. i wish him a speedy recovery!


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